The ancient art of Thai massage is a graceful dance between therapist and client. The partnership inherent in this practice is a meaningful element within each session. Joanna’s interest in Thai massage was sparked at East West College in Portland, OR, but flourished after a trip to the country itself. Here she saw how massage is an integral part of everyday life in Thailand. Having fallen in love with the practice and seeing its potential to affect people so positively, she was inspired to focus her massage offering on this modality.

Joanna’s table sessions best resemble a style she experienced in Thailand, Thai Oil Massage. Employing a blend of Thai, Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, she creates a treatment that is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing. The flowing and consistent approach of Swedish massage, paired with a slower speed and deeper pressure common in Deep Tissue, allow for meaningful change in the muscle tissue while also addressing an important de-escalation of the nervous system. This work lays the foundation for the unique addition of Thai massage concepts. Joanna’s knowledge gained in her Thai practice lends valuable insight to affect the deepest structures and patterns in the body, known in Thai as the Sen. Working along inherent lines of the body to reach deeper tissues (sen) and engaging a map of point work (wind gates), these ancient techniques offer her clients the chance to unwind in a profound way. As a massage therapist at Loyly Sauna for many years, Joanna gained an appreciation for the benefits of a holistic, full body treatment. Joanna’s practice works to incorporate specific needs into the intention of a well rounded massage, leaving you with a feeling of all over change.

75 minute session


all sessions are 75 minutes to facilitate an effective full body massage

~gratuity not accepted~


Package of 3


75 minute sessions ($100 each session)


Community pricing

in an effort to make massage as accessible as possible, community pricing is available for anyone who may need this option, please do be in touch