Natural posture education was pioneered by Noelle Perez-Christiaens and has been propagated by her students whom have gone on to teach this work in their corners of the globe. These teachers observed a compelling correlation between the posture and movement habits of people from traditional cultures to what is seen in young children around the world. Learning from the body wisdom of these populations, we have the ability to inhabit the natural posture that we once possessed. By improving our everyday activities (sitting, standing, bending, walking, lying down) it is possible to re-establish the healthy alignment that we all enjoyed as little kids. These techniques encompass a whole body wellness program, affecting your musculoskeletal system in ways that are dynamic, invigorating and profoundly healing. Natural posture affects how we look, feel, breathe and heal.

Joanna teaches her clients the techniques to make these exciting changes in a focused, one-on-one setting. All clients begin with a Posture Evaluation, where the basics of understanding these concepts are discussed in detail. Looking at the individual client, Joanna will present a clear idea of their current posture, why restoring their natural posture may be advantageous, and an outline of how this transformation will take place. From there, clients can choose to continue their process with a package based series or single private sessions, with 3-6 meetings recommended. Ongoing support sessions can be either posture focused classes or bodywork based, as many clients choose to become regular Thai massage clients. Both options allow for a continuing relationship as clients progress on their posture path.

To inquire about group classes offered in a corporate or small business setting, please contact Joanna directly.

Posture Evaluation


single 60 minute session

~gratuity not accepted~


Package of 3


three 60 minute sessions

~$120 each session~


Ongoing Support


drop-in cost after three sessions have been completed