Thai Massage

  • What I love about Joanna's massage is how she couples both a wonderfully firm and strong touch with an incredible gentleness and care. It's my favorite Thai massage in town! You will feel both nurtured and expertly supported physically.

    - Ada G., Naturopathic Doctor
  • I feel so lucky to have been introduced to Joanna Cowan and her massage as well as natural posture practice a few months back. Joanna has a special gift of compassion, extreme professionalism, and a wonderfully holistic approach to massage and wellness, which incorporates all of her learnings from Thai and Swedish massage, posture training, yoga and a lot of intuition into her practice.

    Her space in the Ford Building is simply beautiful. From the moment you walk in the room, it is full of light and beautiful colors, you instantly feel comfortable. Her skill on the mat really challenged my perceptions on touch therapy and has enriched my sense of whole wellness. Thai Massage alongside a six week natural posture series has changed my perspective on posture and my body and the ill habits which I have been ingrained with my entire life. I use the practices in my daily life and not just in the massage room.

    Joanna is a warm, caring, smart, professional soul who is focused during her sessions and brings her special skill to every meeting. I am so thankful to having her and her practice in my life.

    - Ryan N., Art Director
  • I have suffered from back and leg pain for many years and was looking for a holistic therapy that would ease my pain. Joanna’s deep knowledge of anatomy and intuition allows her to offer a Thai massage that provides a gentle stretch and relaxes every muscle from head to toe. I am both recharged and relaxed after each session, and more importantly my pain has been reduced. I urge you to give it a try.

    - Heidi L., Sr. Executive Assistant

Natural Posture

  • My experience is overwhelmingly positive and I am well on my way, I believe, to completely solving my chronic lower back pain. The help I’ve received from the message you have taught me is so valuable I can hardly express it in words. It was impossible for me to function or enjoy life, work, play, or even want to continue living with the chronic pain I was experiencing prior to beginning to master these techniques. As I have become more experienced with the techniques, especially after the course you taught, I have gradually been able to find positions where I can do just about everything I have always been able to do pain free.

    - Steven H., Attorney
  • Joanna is a very gifted and outstanding instructor/coach. By sharing her own personal back history, I could easily relate to her and trust her skills to help me with my back issues. Joanna, with great compassion, reassured me the course would be a great benefit for me and that the techniques would be very gentle. She was so right! In class she was very attentive and sensitive to carefully and safely guide each one of us through each technique. She had been there...she could relate to where I was at the moment!

    She does a superb job breaking down the materials to easily understand how to apply each technique into a person's everyday life. I was so impressed by her exceptional teaching abilities to explain the "how" and "why" this is so effective. Joanna also has very insightful troubleshooting abilities and clearly explains ways to apply the techniques to each person's individual needs. She is extremely supportive and truly has a heart to reach out and help others.

    - Michelle K., Nurse
  • I found Joanna's style of teaching to be a perfect match for my learning needs. Her explanation of the anatomy and physiology basics involved spoke clearly to me. I truly was amazed at Joanna's knowledge! I continue to learn the techniques and appreciate the opportunity to remember Joanna's words of wisdom. Thank you for helping me to improve my quality of life!

    - Eileen C., Nurse