The ancient art of Thai massage is a graceful dance between therapist and client. The partnership inherent in this practice is a meaningful element within each session. Joanna’s interest in Thai massage was sparked at East West College in Portland, OR, but flourished after a trip to the country itself. Here she saw how massage is an integral part of everyday life in Thailand. Having fallen in love with the practice and seeing its potential to affect people so positively, Joanna was inspired to focus her massage offering on this modality.

Thai massage can be described as partner yoga, where one person is invited to completely relax, while the other is actively leading the movement. Being passively stretched by your therapist through a range of motions is a unique experience, leaving the client with a feeling of change throughout the entire body. Though applied in a gentle fashion, these techniques are not without depth. Approaching the body with a slow and steady speed allows for the muscles and surrounding connective tissues to soften into a long lasting state of relaxation. It is not uncommon to hear concerns of Thai massage being too vigorous or even painful, however this is not the style that is practiced in Joanna’s studio. Under the guidance of Alli Lurie, Joanna has studied the traditional techniques of northern Thailand, which are deep, effective and enjoyable.

(if you prefer Swedish style massage, please visit Joanna at Loyly)

90 Minute Session


all sessions are a minimum of 90 minutes to facilitate an effective full body massage


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